MCAA Around the World ‒ Webinar #6

by Aurelia Chaise

Stronger together! United by efforts to share knowledge and enhance synergies, the Marie Curie Alumni Association has launched the MCAA Around the World Webinar Series. Book your seat for the next one!

Encompassing a wide variety of topics, the webinars are hosted by a representative of a Chapter or Working Group and held every second Friday of the month.

Don’t miss the sixth webinar in the series: Science advice to policymakers

How can scientists have an impact on the policy arena? How is the information transferred from the scientific community to policymakers? How do policymakers produce evidence-informed policies?

Come and discuss these questions with us!

Date and time: 13 May 2022 (17.00 CET)

Meet the speaker

Chloe Hill works at the interface of science and policy. Her experience working with both research and policy sectors allows her to effectively translate and disseminate scientific evidence to policymakers and facilitate activities that enable scientists and policymakers to exchange information.

Chloe frequently hosts workshops to provide researchers with practical information about how they can more effectively engage in European policymaking processes and communicate with decision-makers.

You can get in touch Chloe via her website ( and on Twitter (@Chl0e_Hill).

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