MCAA leaving Facebook

by Aurelia Chaise

In the past few years, MCAA has grown in number and influence in the international research community. It is our mission to support and contribute to the advancement of knowledge for a global, diverse and informed society.

Our core values include openness and communication. We work tirelessly to guarantee the privacy and the rights of our members, to establish clear ethical practices, and to advocate for an informed society where it is easy to access sources of information and weigh their credibility. 

Facebook, one of the digital giants shaping today’s society, has neglected those same values. From the Cambridge Analytica Scandal (read more here) onwards, the news stream of questionable Facebook activities has been uninterrupted. Facebook was involved in the distribution of fake news, troll bots, and hate discussion that influenced the democratic debate, in Europe and overseas. The company has leaked and sold personal data to controversial companies. It has executed dubious practices, including paying minors for using their services and investigating competitors. And this list represents only a brief summary of what has happened in recent times. For a more extensive overview, please check the following articles:

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Since its foundation, one of MCAA’s strengths has been its communication with members and stakeholders. Up to now, this has taken place at our live and virtual events, but also on our social media platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. However, we cannot continue to ignore that our values are not represented by a company such as Facebook. 

This is why the MCAA has decided to leave Facebook. We refuse to endorse a company that contributes to spreading fake news and creating a disinformed society. We believe in a connected society where social media can have a broad and positive impact, and not at the price of transparency and ethical practices. We advocate for constructive debate and for the diffusion of knowledge. We believe that our voice on Facebook is too often overpowered by forces that favour populist movements and shallow, if not purposely misleading, discussions. 

Starting from January 1st, the MCAA Facebook page will be discontinued. We hope that our action will contribute to encourage governments and digital giants to establish better practices, where the wellbeing of society overcomes market rules. We believe that innovation should serve the needs of citizens and empower society to grow better and stronger. 

We invite all our Facebook followers to join us on Twitter and LinkedIn to continue to engage and be informed on MCAA’s latest news and activities.

We know that together we can make a difference, so let’s take action. Now. 

If you have questions, please reach out to us at

We invite all our Facebook followers to join us on Twitter and LinkedIn to continue to engage and be informed on MCAA’s latest news and activities.


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