MCAA's "My Super Science Heroes" book series is coming soon!

by Rocio Micaela Crespo Quesada

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of My Super Science Heroes: Marie Curie on Indiegogo and bring science to our most curious thinkers—children between the ages of 5-8 years.

My Super Science Heroes is an exciting new picture book series that depicts science as it really is: an epic adventure complete with heroes, villains, and amazing super powers.

The heroine of our first book is two-time Noble Laureate Marie Curie. Our villain is the nefarious Mr. O, an anti-hero whose primary objective is Opposition. Fortunately, Marie Curie has a super power that allows her to confront her nemesis and ultimately defeat him. That super power is persistence, a fundamental trait of sound scientific inquiry.

Written and illustrated as a dynamic super hero story, this book introduces children to important scientists and their key accomplishments in a fun and engaging way. In addition, by focusing on key traits innate to us all (persistence, curiosity, creativity, etc) and their role in the heroes' success, we hope to show that great scientific achievement is not limited to a select group of masterminds, but rather is within the reach of anyone.

One need not be a swashbuckling, Kung Fu fighting, cape-wearing champion (although some heroes do have a penchant for lab coats) to be extraordinary. One need only nurture the super powers inherent in all of us.


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