Meet our new Super Science Hero!

by Aurelia Chaise

Following the success of ‘Marie Curie and the Power of Persistence’, the MCAA is proud to present a new book about computer visionary Alan Turing.

‘Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.’ This famous Marie Curie quote speaks volumes about English mathematician, logician and cryptographer, Alan Turing. It was his enormous curiosity that propelled him to push the boundaries of computer science.

This is why it is no surprise the new MCAA book focuses on Turing’s inspiring story. His talent and ability led him to crack intercepted coded messages that enabled the Allies to defeat the Nazis during the Second World War. He also contributed to decrypting the messages sent by the Nazi’s Enigma machine.

In the new MCAA book, children (ages 4-9) will discover the tale of a superhero fighting the elusive Miss Enigma, who is trying to confuse and impede him every step of the way. It’s a story about how Turing decodes and solves important questions of his time, but also lay the groundwork for artificial intelligence (AI).

The overarching aim of this book is to nurture curious and inquisitive young minds, and inspire the next generation of scientists.

Persistence also matters

Let’s not forget MCAA’s first book in the My Super Science Heroes series. Titled ‘Marie Curie and the Power of Persistence’, the book explores key milestones in Marie Curie’s life and how persistence played a big role in helping her discover Radium and Polonium. As the story unfolds, Marie Curie finds herself battling her arch nemesis, Mr Opposition.

Behind the superheroes

Behind this series is Karla Valenti, lawyer and author of children's picture books and middle grade novels, and Annalisa Beghelli, freelance illustrator. Micaela Crespo and Marco Masia provide strategic guidance and scientific advice.

Superheroes have goodies too

Our online shop provides not only books, but also jumpers, notebooks, mugs, tote bags, puzzles and other goodies that will boost our future scientists’ creativity!


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