Polibienestar Research Institute is looking for experienced researchers

by Aurelia Chaise

Are you an experienced researcher? Are you interested in “end of life”, “integrated care” and “social tourism accessible for all”? Are you looking for a hosting institution? If so, keep reading!

The Individual Fellowships from the Marie Sklodowska-Curie for experienced researchers will be opened in April (see here).  In this framework, Polibienestar Research Institute is offering to become a hosting institution for researchers interested in the following three lines:

·         End of life

·         Integrated care

·         Social tourism accessible for all

If you are interested in applying to this grant and coming to Valencia to collaborate with Polibienestar, please contact the person that appears in each pdf as contact person. Polibienestar will be glad to help you to elaborate the proposal and to host you if your proposal is accepted.


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