Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme Workshop: Bringing researchers together

by Aurelia Chaise

On May 24, the Research Area CNR in Bologna, Italy will open its doors to host this not-to-be-missed MCAA event.

Introducing the workshop, chair of the event Giovanna Avellis, Italian Women Innovators and Inventors Network President and member of the MCAA Gender Equality and Diversity for Mobile Researchers’ in Science working group says, “the main aim of the workshop is to encourage researchers to investigate the interlinks among research, innovation and entrepreneurship.”

It is also aimed to explore the particular area of entrepreneurship for MCAA alumni and their future choices of career. This will help shed light on the fact that researchers do not have to restrict themselves solely to the academic environment but instead they should broaden their horizons and look into the possibility of establishing a start-up, spin-off or a small medium enterprise.

A closer look at the workshop

The event includes an outstanding line-up of researchers who have made these choices in their careers. They include:

  • Natalia Balcazar from Germany. She is the founder and CEO of the start-ups ENVIROpro and Skills Route.
  • Carlo Antonini from Italy . He is the scientific director at the start-up ApiTech.
  • Carla Ferreri from Italy. She has founded a spin-off from her research LIPINUTRAGEN.
  • Giuliana Gavioli and Jessica Morelli from Italy. They are role-models for women entrepreneurs from CNA Impresa Donna.
  • Rui Guimares from Portugal. He is the founder of a start-up called Formulao-Educacao.
  • Jenny Lind Lemaco from the Philippines. She is a role-model for women researchers and will address some issues of gender equality in this context.

Professor Piero Formica will also grace the event as the keynote speaker. He is an expert in open innovation and entrepreneurship as well as research, innovation entrepreneurism and business. He is the recipient of the Innovation Luminary Award 2017 from the Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group and board member of several industry and higher education bodies including the University of Bologna. He is also a published author in the fields of knowledge economics, innovation and entrepreneurship. He will present his book Words of Innovation – an essay in the form of a glossary and a practical manual including a chronology of the most important events of innovation from A to Z of words on Innovation.

Participants will have the opportunity to interact with speakers at the end of the workshop and at the coffee breaks. There will also be the possibility for people interested in visiting the CNR laboratories in Research Area CNR in Bologna, to take a guided tour of the laboratory thanks to Carla Ferreri, a senior researcher there.

“This is a great opportunity for researchers to not only to listen to direct actors of start-ups, spin-off founders or entrepreneurs, but to also get an overview on the topics of entrepreneurism and business. It will also help participants develop a basic understanding of these concepts which is perfect for those wanting to approach this new field of entrepreneurship,” concludes Avellis.

So, don’t miss out on this opportunity! Come and enjoy the workshop!

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