Sharing your MSCA experience

by Aurelia Chaise

The MCAA would like to know you better! We have prepared a detailed survey – ranging from your career planning with MSCA, your experience with the COVID-19 pandemic or knowledge on Open Science – which will help us to support you better. We invite you to give us your feedback!

What all MCAA members have in common is that they benefit, or have benefitted, from MSCA funding. However, this experience might differ greatly between the different recipients.

Evaluating your MSCA experience

To better understand this period of your life, we have gathered a list of indicators which will allow us to evaluate your experience. From age and racial discrimination, sex-role conflict or inadequate experience/training, we invite you to let us know to what extent those factors affected you.

Did you receive adequate support from your supervisor, when you worked on your MSCA project? A set of questions will also help us to determine your relationship with your organiser, such as:

My supervisor:

  • Is supportive with respect to encouraging me to reach my goal(s)
  • lets me participate in the setting of my goals
  • allows me to have some say in deciding how I will go about implementing my goals.

Your career plans and network

You’ll be asked questions relating to the time you dedicated to building your network or the way you cultivate your professional relationships.

Career planning is also in the spotlight of this survey, with questions related to your plans and objectives, as well as the impact that your MSCA has had on your career.

Your wellbeing and mental health

Your wellbeing also matters to the MCAA! Different questions aiming to evaluate your level of stress or anxiety have been defined.

Of course, demands related to the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on your life and career complete this panel of questions concerning your mental health.

Feedback on the MCAA

To help us steer the evolution of the MCAA according to your needs, we would also like to ask for your opinions on the activities carried out by the Association.

We are looking forward to reading from you on how we can improve the services of the MCAA!

Sexual discrimination

Did you experience negative behaviours related to your gender from colleagues or hierarchy? This topic is of extreme importance in the survey and you’ll be asked on the type of discrimination you experienced.

Open Science

Last but not least, we would like to know your opinion about Open Science. Do you think that sharing data, codes, materials in an independent repository in your field is a good thing? What is your opinion on sharing preprints in an independent repository?

More information

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