Survivor Case study: A decade of bullying in high education. The failure of anti-bullying structures

by Celia Arroyo López

This article presents a case study of an immigrant female, a survivor of bullying in two different international academic institutions. The bullying started at her Ph.D. studies endured during her Postdoctoral studies. A long-term academic case of mobbing perpetrated with impunity. Continuous delays, inactivity, discriminatory salaries, authorship usurpation, sabotages, submitted articles unexpected blocked at the journal, bad-mouthing and blackmailing were observed during this long process, as common wrongdoings. Academic Ombudsmen, ASAP services, Unions, European syndicates of workers and students, and specialized mediators showed a limited capacity of intervention. Administrative, academic school directors, international academic affairs and Human resources offices showed impairments in anti-harassment policies and measures. A more in-depth investigation of harassment in high educations is needed. The aim of this paper is to initiate reflexing and debating about how to implement high education workplace policies about bullying.

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