Latest news from the MCAA Chapters – Career Choices Seminar held by the MCAA German Chapter

Mark this date in your agenda: the German Chapter is organising a Career Choice seminar on 10 June at the Technische Universität in Darmstadt, Germany.

Career Choices Seminar held by the MCAA German Chapter

Why should I attend this event?

If you are currently wondering what you will do after you Ph.D or Postdoc, the following speakers may provide you with tips and ideas:

  • Anjana Bückow from the Deutsche Forschungsmeinschaft (DFG) will explain how to write a DFG proposal, focusing in particular on the Emmy Noether Programme which helps researchers achieve independence at an early stage of their scientific career;
  • Alexander Damaschun will present the EXIST programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy which supports recent graduates as they develop a business idea in cooperation with universities and research institutions;
  • Zoran Andjelic, Ordinary Board Member of the MCAA, will explain his experience of moving from academia to industry.

Other topics are also on the agenda:

  • Publishing: an editorial perspective,
  • Constructive Communication – by Natalia Balcazar,
  • Mrs. Liselotte Wurster of Persaldo Steuerberatung will detail how to make a tax declaration and reclaim mobility-relevant tax refunds in the German tax system.
  • The MCAA German Chapter’s activities – by Brian Cahill (Chair).

I am not German and I don’t live in Germany, can I participate?

Of course! Be aware that some of the talks will target those residing in Germany, but you might be interested by many of the other presentations.

How do I register?

Registration is open. Just send a short e-mail to

A small participation fee of €20 is necessary to cover catering costs.

More information:

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