Call for Chair - IDA-WG


Dear IDA-WG members,


According to the rules for the elections of Chairs of WGs/Chapters “The mandate of Chairs is for a two-year term”. Since the mandate of the current Chair – Mauricio Manfrini - ended on 05/05/2018, elections need to be convened.

We therefore invite any member of the IDA-WG who is willing to devote the necessary time and enthusiasm to take over the management of this WG, to volunteer as candidate for the following positions:


  • Chair of the IDA-WG – Person responsible for the overall management of the WG
  • Vice Chair of the IDA-WG – He/she will act as an Interim Chair, in case the current Chair cannot fulfil his/her role


These are not honorary positions but require a real contribution of voluntary time and effort to organise the WG’s activities. Members are now invited to also apply for the Vice-Chair position to avoid having a gap on the Chair position, in case the Chair is not available.

Any volunteer should send an e-mail to by midnight, Friday 21st June 2019 CET. Please clearly state on your e-mail if you are applying for the Chair or Vice-Chair position.

If there is only one candidate for each position, no election will be necessary, and the ExCom will declare this candidate the new Chair and new Vice-Chair.

If there are two or more candidates, an on-line poll will be organised to allow IDA-WG members to elect their new Chair and Vice Chair amongst these volunteers.

Details concerning WG management are available at:


Best regards,

The MCAA Team