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Dear Policy Working Group members,      

Thank you again to those of you who expressed interest in the recent informal call-for-interest to become the new Chair or Vice-Chair(s) for the Policy WG of the Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA). Having established that there is interest, the next steps is to have the formal call with subsequent election which is described in this email.
We hereby invite any member of the Policy WG (as of the date of this call) who is willing to devote the necessary time and enthusiasm to take over the management of this WG, to volunteer as candidate for the following position:

  • Chair of the Policy WG

This position requires a real contribution of time and effort to organise the WG activities. The Chair is encouraged to engage other WG members to get involved in WG management and planning.

Responsibilities include:

  • Leadership of WG activities
  • Stewardship of WG members, including ensuring suitable on-boarding of new WG members
  • Ensure delivery of Annual Plan of Activities for the WG to the MCAA Board
  • Ensure delivery of mid-term and annual report for the WG to the MCAA Board
  • Ensure management of WG budget
  • Be the main contact person to the MCAA Board
  • External representation of WG
  • Organization of at least two WG meetings per year (online or in-person)
  • Liaise with other MCAA WGs and Chapters, when appropriate
  • Fundraising and sponsorship for WG activities, when needed

All members of the Policy WG (as of the date of this email) are eligible to run for the position of Chair (regardless of if they expressed interest previously or not). However, one person cannot be the Chair or Vice-Chair of more than one Chapter or WG. If a current Chair of a WG or Chapter is elected to this position, they must resign their current position before taking up this new role.

As per the MCAA statutes, the WG Chair is an ex-oficio (i.e., non-voting) member of the MCAA Board. The WG Chair can take part (online) in all MCAA Board meetings and will be invited to join the MCAA Board meeting in conjunction with the MCAA General Assembly each year.
To volunteer as candidate: Any volunteer should send an e-mail to contact@mariecuriealumni.eu no later than 23:59 CET, 21st June 2020; stating their intention to run and providing a maximum one-page description describing their suitability and interest. Previous experience in leadership of similar groups is an advantage but not required.
If there is only one candidate for this position, the Executive Committee (ExCom) of the MCAA reserves the right to declare this candidate the new Chair without holding an online poll.
If there are two or more candidates, an online poll will be organised to allow Policy WG members to elect their new Chair amongst these volunteers.
If there are no candidates by the above deadline, the MCAA Executive Committee reserves the right to close the Policy WG altogether.

The elected Chair may nominate any interested Policy WG member to be Vice Chair(s) at any time during their tenure. This nomination should be made to the ExCom. Following agreement from the ExCom, the Vice-Chair may execute functions delegated by and with the agreement of the Chair.

Further details concerning WG management are available at: 

Finally, we sincerely thank Andreina Laera and all previous Chairs for their service.
Best regards,
The MCAA Team