Careers after MSCA Individual Fellowship


Hi all,

I know that the "natural" career development of a Marie Curie Individual Fellow is to advance in academia as a researcher, applying to positions such as Lecturer in the UK or assistant professor in Europe (e.g. Italy).

Nevertheless, there are people who finish their IF and start a career in companies, I personally know just one person who did this. 

I am curious to know what are the experiences of people of both career paths. I have a few questions:

  a) What were your experiences in applying for academic/non acedemic jobs after the Fellowship? 

  b) Have you found a job in the UK or in Europe (your country/other countries)?

I think that the answers can help Fellows to prepare a Career Development Plan, and in general to plan our future.

It could be also interesting to hear some career stories in the Zoom monthly meetings.

I hope this will be a useful discussion