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United Kingdom Chapter

The “UK Chapter” is an initiative of Marie Curie Fellows from a range of Institutions located in the UK.

We believe that being part of the “Marie Curie Alumni Association” as a chapter can allow Marie Curie Fellows to actively operate on a local basis and create stronger interconnection amongst them. Ultimately, this will lead to reach the major objectives of the MCA Association.

We indeed share aims and objectives of the MCA Association and intend to embed them into our work context. We hope to expand our activity also in other areas of the UK and involve the large community of Marie Curie Alumni already extant in this country.

Aims and objectives:

  1. To encourage local networking and to establish a mutually-beneficial relationships between MCAA and its alumni within UK;
  2. To initiate activities, events, seminars, webinars that add value to the Alumni network and prospective Marie Curie applicants;
  3. To create a network of MC fellows connecting universities and research centers and encouraging communication and collaborations;
  4. To recruit, attract, support and facilitate the exchange of knowledge among the MC fellows and alumni;
  5. To sponsor and support activities that will enhance the image of MCAA.

We encourage you to join our chapter if you are interested in: (i) networking with other Alumni in the UK, (ii) increasing awareness and visibility of the MCAA, and (iii) supporting new MCAA members to settle in the region.

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change address at the end of the PhD

Dear all,

I would be grateful if someone could clarify me an aspect about changing address at the end of my PhD (ITN-H2020-MSCA-2014). Currently, I am doing my PhD at Milan (Italy) and I will spend from February to June 2018 for academic secondment in the UK (Sheffield and London) and the remaining 4 months of my contract again in the UK to conclude the project, in order to finalise my thesis in a publication. Since after this project I  will permanently move to the UK, clearly it is not convenient for me to pay a rent in Milan from February. 

The role of your supervisor

Dear all,
I have just started my Individual Fellowship in UK at the University of Wolverhampton. I would like to share some information and experiences about the role of your supervisor.
According to the grant agreement, do you know which is the role of the supervisor? I feel sometimes like a Phd student but I have a Research Fellow contract.