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Hello, all you wonderful people!


The General Assembly /slash/ Annual Meeting is coming up later this month and there are a few activities that the Communication Workgroup is responsible for that could use some help...


Specifically, we are looking for people that could help with:

- Live Blogging. Similar to what we did during ESOF, we would like to post daily (or if possible, even half-daily) updates on the blog about ongoing sessions at the meeting. For this, we could use some help. It is difficult for one person to be at all 5 parallel sessions at once... So if you plan to attend a session and wouldn't mind writing a short summary, let us know!

- Recording. We will be filming some short interviews with attendees and sponsors, as well as the different talks. If you have a secret filmmaker ambition, let us know!

- Liaising with the photographer. We would also like some help with liaising with the official photographer; this entails being a point of contact for that person in case there are questions, ensuring the important events are captured, etc...

I would also like to highly encourage you to attend our session "Branding Yourself" as well as go see Gian Maria at the "Researchers Ability" session. 

Finally, it would be great that if you all came to say hi at some time during the GA. Perhaps we can get together at one of the lunch sessions. Let me know if you are attending and I'll set up something!


Looking forward to seeing you all.



P.S. For those that unfortunately cannot attend, we will miss you! Also, I am more than happy to send an update with relevant information after the GA, if you'd like.