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I am a global fellow in my incoming phase (last year). I have done everything possible to have possibilities of continuity, but it is practically impossible. There are some competitive calls as the Ramón y Cajal or La Caixa that have very few places and also, in my case as a social scientist within psychology, even less.

The contests of jobs in public universities are called with name and surname. Although they announce them as public, in reality, they are all completely “rigged”. Everybody knows that these calls are not competitive at all, there is always someone who is already there.

Outside of rigged contests, there is a Spanish regulation that requires universities to reserve part of their places to Ramón y Cajal fellows in their last year, which is fine, but it comes to absurdity because they reserve many more places than people have this type of contract. Two years ago, the rectors’ conference asked that the remaining money could be dedicated to the stabilization of other postdocs such as Juan de la Cierva or Marie Curie, but that I know, the only university that has articulated something like this is Granada.

What is your situation? Do you have any information about stabilization possibilities that do not go through impossible calls or creating a job call rigged for a specific candidate?



Thank you