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Dear GEMS, 

Or should I say, dear GEDI,


The Genders, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (GEDI) Working Group of MCAA (former Gender Equality and Diversity for Mobile Researchers in Science Working Group) has been active since 2014. In the past years, the WG has been moving from a specific focus on enhancing the inclusion of women in research to a broader scope: promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in research beyond any individual characteristic. Among the primary goals of the WG is to investigate challenges and develop possible solutions in order to boost equity, diversity, and inclusion at all research career stages – from early stages towards leadership levels. Another goal is to ensure that MCAA itself stands for and implements fair treatment of any underrepresented group in all our activities.
GEDI WG has organized several workshops, seminars, and conference sessions and collaborated with several organizations with similar goals. Its current and future activities aim to reach a broader audience and engage more people, including policymakers, to participate in the debate for equal opportunities in career development and for a healthier work-life balance. 


WG Board members:

Chair: Magda Theodoridou
Vice-chair: Nadia Metoui
Secretary: Tanya Romacho
Treasurer: Gianna Avellis
Board member: Lucia Martinelli


Call for Active Members: GEDI WG (former GEMS) is calling WG members to express their interest in actively participating in the following task forces of the WG. Please express your interest briefly introducing yourself and how you would like to contribute to any part of the following task forces of the WG by filling in this form https://forms.gle/V3DqY2btXTy3uiRF6 by November 30th:

1 - Communication task force: in collaboration with the Communication WG, support communication activities such as in social media (Linkedin & Twitter), MCAA blog & newsletter.

2 - Policy task force: in collaboration with the Policy Working Group, contribute to various duties, such as policy advisory promoting equity and diversity in research, white paper and joining survey efforts within or outside MCAA.

3 - Training, Empowerment, and Leadership task force: organize training/seminars/workshops/webinars and support relevant activities organized by MCAA chapters. Support coaching and mentoring activities based on the specific needs of diverse mobile researchers. Collaborate with the MCAA mentoring academy.

4 - Diversity and inclusivity task force: set-up task groups of people with interest, experience, and expertise on specific needs (origin, ethnicity, age, language, LGBTIQ+, disabilities, parental/family planning, refugees).

5 - Projects task force: support/participate in proposals for research and funding. 

Best regards 
GEDI Board