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Dear esteemed collegues
Here Orazio Aiello, MSCA Global Fellow.
Now I am In Italy, at the third year of my MSCA Global Fellow.  
As I'll be back in Singapore in August and September, I would like to held seminars at your university related to my tecnical field (microelectronics: Integrated Circuits Design). 

This for two reasons:
1)spreading the results of my MSCA that is running over soon
2)looking for possible future collaborations based on specific ongoing research opportunities that could be the basis for application in European research programmes (i.e. RISE-MSCA).

So, if any your collegue that belongs to Electronics department could be interested, I would be glad to visit you (with my own funds) and held a seminar at your university. 

My reserch topic is described here:
–>EU official ULPIoT info: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/206710/factsheet/en
–>Official ULPIoT web-site: https://sites.google.com/view/ulpiot/home 

If any of your Electrical/Electronics Dpt. could be interested please send me an e-mail:

Best Regards