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The official kick-off event of the Marie Curie North America Chapter will take place during EURAXESS' 3rd Annual Meeting of European Scientific Diaspora's in North America, on December 11th, at the French Embassy in Washington DC. During this day of keynotes, workshops and panels, the Chapter will present itself and presents a panel discussion on 'Transatlantic Collaboration & Funding: Opportunities and Constraints'.

The panel will discuss the opportunities but also the challenges in establishing and maintaining transatlantic collaborations and invites experts and MCAA members to talk about their experiences, expectations, and opinions regarding three major points related to transatlantic collaborations now and in the future. It addresses three issues in particular and how they affect transatlantic research collaboration and communication:

  1. The value (opportunities) of international and transatlantic collaborations in academia;
  2. the limited funding infrastructures to support transatlantic collaborations;
  3. the differences in research philosophies and academic cultures across Europe and North America.

This panel aims to contribute to the discussion around transatlantic collaborations and to instigate a search for practical solutions.

Interested in the full agenda or the day or in attending the conference? See: https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/worldwide/north-america/3rd-annual-meeting...

Best wishes,

Gerry Alons, Chapter Chair.