New Doctoral Networks (DN) - facing some issues


Hi all,

I was wondering whether someone is already on board a new Doctoral Network granted in the last (first) HE call. If yes, perhaps you could help me with two questions:

1) Having the limit of 10 Doctoral Candidates (DC) also reduces the amount to be withheld by the coordinator as “Central Management Budget” (usually a fix amount per person-month). Are your organisations providing some financial support to this?  

2) The work-programme – about selection procedure of DC – it clearly states the vacancies must include the gross salary (excl. employer’s social contributions) offered to the researchers. What is your experience? Are HR departments providing / willing to provide these amounts? (A tricky issue for our beneficiaries).  

Any feedback will be much appreciated! Many thanks in advance and wishing you all a good day,

Best, -Paz

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