Participation Online Workshop "Stablishing robust collaborations as a young scientist"

Dear all MCAA members from the Danish Chapter,

We have been asked by our fellows from the MCAA Austrian Chapter to joinly participate in an online workshop they are preparing. The workshop is entitled "Stablishing robust collaborations as a young scientist" and it will take place on 13. May (time frame to be confirmed). In principle, there participation should be freeof charge/very small contribution for members.

We would like you to fill in the attached doodle to show your interest, so we can consider dedicating part of our budget to this workshop.

Here a bit of information, more to come.

"On behalf of the Austrian Chapter, we would like to invite you to join us in organizing an online workshop “Establishing robust collaborations as a young scientist” to be led by the highly experienced science consultant Ute Riedler (

Often time researchers are tasked with the challenge to build collaborations for their funded projects. Yet, the tools to establish these collaborations frequently remain elusive to inexperienced researchers. The purpose of this workshop will be to provide guidance to early and mid-career stage researchers on how to build and maintain collaborations when working on projects.

The key challenges that that will be addressed with respect to collaboration as part of the workshop include:

• Finding common ground with other parties
• Publishing as part of a collaboration
• Research accountability"

Looking forward to hearing from most of you!

The Board