Policy WG Membership


I have now removed unresponsive members from the WG.  If you think you have been removed by mistake, please contact me and I will consider your (re)application.  

While applying to become a member, please consider that it is important to be responsive and reactive when contacted, and that you will need to set aside a few hours per month if you intend to actively participate to our activities.  I intend to keep the membership low, and restricted to people who really contribute.  

For now, the focus will be on three task forces / groups:

  1. One team linking to ISE (https://initiative-se.eu);
  2. One team focussing on science diplomacy and on linking to the SciDipAlliance (https://www.science-diplomacy.eu);
  3. A core team focussing on EU science policy and programs.

Other topics will not be addressed due to the lack of resources, engagement, because they are a better fit for other WGs within the association, or because they are already covered through our participation in one of the other organisations mentioned above.



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