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First of all I would like to thank all the attendants to the meeting, specially those coming from outside the Copenhagen area, as thank to you we had such an interesting meeting and discussion. For those of you who were not able to make it, please have a look at the uploaded presentations and I encourage you to participate in the next meeting!

The day started with a brief presentation of the chapter board members and the past activities. Up to now we are 73 members in the chapter, covering a number of different countries of origin and all scientific fields (with a majoritary representation from the life science field).

Ruth Anderson presented her interesting research on the importance of marine bacterias in the Öresunds sea, and how her life and career has been marked by international mobility.

Afterwards, Luca Tateo presented a very interesting view on how international mobility in science is not something new, but goes back to the middle age when students and researchers, especially in the field of humanities, were traveling accross borders for the sake of knowledge.

Our guest, Paula Fernanez, from the Community of Spanish Scientists in Denmark, presented their association, which is not only open for Spanish researchers but for all researchers located in Denmark. Paula presented a summary of their amazing activities and provided tips for our future activities and joint collaborations.

After the lunch, Martin Nielsen, recent recipient of the prestigious fellowship Villum Young Investigator, presented his experience on applying for research funding and provided us very useful tips to apply for advanced research grants. 

We finalized the day with a discussion on the strategy of the Chapter as well as ideas for our next activities. These will be sent out in the minutes of the meeting.

It was amazing to realize how, despite our different career stages and scientific fields, international mobility was a common experience for all of us, and how this brought up the interesting discussions that extended beyond the programed schedule. I really enjoyed the day, and I wish you did as well!