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Stress is, unfortunately quite common in most work environments. Being a professional in a leader or managing role (e.g., PI, Lecturing, Supervising, Coordinating) is a demanding task. Not only physically, but mostly mostly emotionally. Facing pressures from entities and society, dealing with conflicts within groups, fighting bureaucracy are some of the variables that leaders and managers need to deal with. 

Academics and researchers should not need super powers. Before being academics, they are people. It's time to change the idea of only valuing the "tough and strong", to make the awareness of wellbeing possible to be spoken within peers. It is time to allow academics in leading roles to occasionally say "I'm tired. I need to rest".

Academia is one of the most stressing places one can work in. If mental health, wellbeing and physical health are compromised, what are we expecting the outcome to be?

- Are you managing teams or people? 
- Are you in a high-stress environment where you regularly face internal and external pressures? 
- Do you have the responsibility for others in your team and would like to have better ways to deal with their difficulties while, maybe, simultaneously managing yours?
- Would you like to have better tools and mechanisms so that you can better manage the stress and anxiety in your professional workplace? 

If your answer is yes to any of these questions  you may be interested in joining our workshop "Stress management and mental health for team leaders and managers" on the 25th of February at the MCAA Annual Conference in Vienna, Austria.

Besides me, as speaker, we will be joined by Francisco Gonçalves , Psychologist and Founder of Rumo (a platform of mental well being specially designed for people that move often between countries) and Mark Robinson, Counselling Psychologist, working at the Trinity College in Ireland)

Please express your interest in advance of the day of the workshop so that we can better prepare it.


Sara Ricardo (safricardo@gmail.com)