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You want to help the winning project teams of the EUvsVirus to get their proposals to the European Population as soon as possible and get the adapted support from cooperates, universities, public authorities for it?

Become an official MATCHMAKER in the projects team of the European Commission organised process of matchmaking (https://euvsvirus.org/nextsteps/) now. It is urgent to recruit more highly qualified profiles for this volunteer activity.

Role duties and Responsibilities of a matchmaker are:

  • Profile max 3 teams/projects assigned to you
    • How?
    • Have virtual meetings with the teams you accompany
    • Check out online documentation about their projects
    • The Matchathon organisation team is preparing a survey in collaboration with the corporates and venture for assisting you
    • Deeply know the teams and their compositions: know the roles and skills of the teams' members
  • Support the projects assigned to you throughout the journey until the matchathon weekend like a mentor (22-25 of May) 
    • Prepare teams for the matchathon and for the meetings with VC or corporate or to get access to public funding solutions. More Info on this task will be provided to you by the venture capitalist team, corporate team and public authorities team.
  • With the support of Matchmaker Lead, you will act as interface between the teams and the Account Managers or VCs teams.
  • Filter the communication from Headquarters to your teams (centralized by the matchathon core team)
  • Guide the teams in the EIC COVID Platform the European Commission is finalizing

Register in this form as a volunteer for the role of matchmaker, urgently needed, best today or the weekend : https://datanatives.typeform.com/to/rSj31z

As MCAA members, let us guarantee a quality matching of the winning teams of the #EUvsVirus Hackathon with the best support possible to make their solutions help out of the crisis as soon as possible. 

Find information about the around 120 winning teams here : https://euvsvirus.org/results/

The more matchmakers volunteer, the less groups they have to match and the more time they can spend with their teams. Come and register now, become a part of this important challenge. For MCAA memebrs it is an exclusive chance to get this role, even if they did not participate in the #EUvsVirus Hackathon as participants or mentors before. This is not a public call - so please keep the registration form inside our network.

For any questions, reach out to the organisers of this channel.

Best, Alexandra