MCAA members and EUvsVirus Hackathon participants, Scientific communicators and networkers bridging synergies among  civil society, academia and industry

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Invitation for members

Anyone working or interested in supporting or staying informed about solutions addressing COVID-19 and post-COVID crisis is welcome in this group to firstly help to tackle health challenges, to contribute to guarantee high quality education and reactivation of economies, and to foster the role of science and innovation.

Welcome message and Aims description

Dear MCAA members, welcome to this group for sharing and joining our diverse skills and forces in solutions for the COVID-19 crisis and the post-COVID world.

You do research, volunteering in hackathons or open source projects and you are looking for resources (volunteers, employees) or other support (materials, investment, dissemination) for these projects? You want to spread the word and reach out with your ideas, proposals, initiatives and concrete solutions or research results to address the worldwide COVID-19 crisis to save lives, contribute to better remote working and remote education, help the countries economies, etc.? Let’s stand together in MCAA and activate our network to make the projects we are involved in addressing the current crisis a quick success with the very first aim of addressing health challenges! Present your projects here and share your needs or offer your expertise to others.

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I.Volunteer to activate academia and companies to support the winning projects of the EUvsVirus in the Matchathon from now on.


A total of 117 innovative solutions to tackle the coronavirus were selected as winners of the European Innovation Council-led #EUvsVirus Hackathon. The winners can be found here (

In the next two weeks, the financing and resource needs of the winning teams to develop and scale their ideas, as well as the financing and resources that partners are willing to dedicate, will be collated. From 22 to 25 May, a Matchathon event will take place to match their needs with available resources. Winning solutions will be invited to join an EIC COVID Platform – to be launched at the end of May – to facilitate connections with end users, such as hospitals, and provide access to investors, foundations and other funding opportunities from across the EU.

There is still a need for volunteers with academia and relevant industry background, as well as matchmakers. There will be updated information in the channel to let you know how to help.

II.Support projects that MCAA members propose or are involved in


Share your research and projects addressing the COVID-19 context-or projects that you support- to reach out for experts’ help or support, volunteers, collaborations,possible users, or just to increase their visibility.


Channel organizers: Alexandra Katharina NOTHNAGEL, Laura MORO

Membership of the Chapter is free

But we hope you will contribute your energy and enthusiasm to support our activities

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