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Dear Benelux Chapter members,

as you probably know, we are very busy these days to make the next GA2019 as interesting, inspiring and fun as possible for you!

To make all of this happen, we need your support and would like to ask you to share any contacts you have from companies or organization that may be interested in sponsoring and/or partnering with MCAA for our GA2019.

To do so, you can:

· Send/share these contacts directly with us by emailing Guilherme (Guilherme.serodio@inova.business), who will be happy to take the lead in contacting them (Cc-ing you, if possible, to make it more personal).

· Approach them yourself, and in that case please add partnering@mariecuriealumni.eu in Cc, so we can (help you) follow up. MCAA currently has a sponsorship brochure with specific pricing and packages. You can download it here.

Should you choose to reach out on your own, we have prepared a draft letter for you, in case you need some ideas to start the conversation (introductory note here). However, you are NOT authorized to negotiate with external sponsors on behalf of MCAA, and should direct any interested parties to partnering@mariecuriealumni.eu

Our goal is to activate the unique academic and professional network of our members in order to boost the success of the MCAA - together!

To recognize your efforts, the MCAA Board will award a Micro Grant, either to attend the Annual Conference, or to be used within one year of the event, to each member who brings in at least €3000 in sponsorships.

Please be in touch with Guilherme (Guilherme.serodio@inova.business) or Mostafa (partnering@mariecuriealumni.eu) to suggest possible contacts for partnerships, and we would be happy to take it from there.

Thanks for your support - we look forward to hearing from you and hopefully see as many as possible of you at the GA!!



Chair Benelux Chapter