UK Visa Fees Reimbursement


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When I came to the UK to work as a marie curie research fellow (H2020 - IF) I had to apply for a UK visa. I am wondering if my fellowship covers the UK visa fees and if I can ask for a reimbursement. Are there any documents on this, maybe? 

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Yes, you can clain your reimbursement.


Here are some details from University of Nottingham:  Costs will be reimbursed for the following incurred expenses: UK Visa Fee       Initial NHS Healthcare Surcharge Additional fees paid for fast-tracked visa processing

UK Visa fees


Hi Zaineb, Yes, you can claim the visa cost. Check under section 5.4 on page 28…;   Cheers, Mayank

Guide For Applicants


Hi Zaineb, The current IF Guide for Applicants says that "costs for visa-related fees and travel expenses" may be paid from the budget for "Research, training and networking costs". So you should be able to cover this from the project…