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by Gulsim Kulsharova
Post date: 02-05-2020
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Dear MCAA-Central Asia Interest Group Members,  

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by Racquel Wright
Post date: 14-01-2021
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by Gledson Emidio José
Post date: 13-01-2021
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The Brazil Chapter of the Marie Curie Alumni Association invites all to a virtual screening of th

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by Wuraola Akande
Post date: 17-05-2019

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I contributed my perspective about the barriers to African women  making a research career. #...

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by Maria Bostenaru Dan
Post date: 13-05-2019

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Hi, the call was joint between the Union of Romanian Architects, the Romanian Architects and...

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by Maria Bostenaru Dan
Post date: 12-05-2019

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Dear all, I am curating and authoring several panels for an exhibition in London in frame of the...

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by Maria Magdalena Razalan
Post date: 09-10-2018
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Come join us at this MCAA-UK Pub Social in Manchester!

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by Agnieszka Jach
Post date: 03-10-2018
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by Anife Ahmedova
Post date: 01-10-2018
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by Pilar Robledo
Post date: 09-01-2020

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Hello everyboday and happy new year!!! I contact you regarding a question that has arisen about...

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by SR Webmaster
Post date: 04-05-2017

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