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The Israeli Chapter

Join the Israeli Marie Curie Chapter

The Israeli Marie Curie Chapter is part of the Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) and encourages local networking and cooperation between Marie Curie Alumni currently living in Israel. Our goal is to expand the Marie Curie Alumni Scientific network and enhance the image of the MCAA within Israel. The Israeli chapter also aims to support its members in their career development.

All MCAA members living in Israel can become a member of the Israeli Marie Curie Chapter. Membership to the Chapter is free!

  • Have you ever been the recipient of a Marie Curie grant?
  • Do you currently reside in Israel?

If your answer is YES to these questions, please join our chapter!

Contact us!

What you get

- Access to unique grant opportunities

- Invitations to networking events

- Invitations to career development events

- Opportunities for national and international collaborations

- Opportunities to disseminate research to a broad audience


To become a member of the chapter you need to do BOTH of the following two steps:

(1) Sign up to the MCAA website:

(2) ”Follow” us on the following website: