MCAA Central Asia Interest Group

Welcome to the Marie Curie Alumni Association: Central Asia (MCAA-CA) Interest Group!


Marie Curie Alumni Association Central Asia group aims to bring together current and prospective MC scholarship fellows from Central Asian countries for professional, networking opportunities, fruitful exchanges, and collaborations. All MCAA alumni from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan whether living in the region or abroad as well as generally interested people in our group are welcome to join us!


Objectives of the MCAA:CA Interest group:

  • To develop a network of MC fellows connecting universities, industry partners, research centers and encouraging communication and collaborations;
  • To organise activities, events, seminars, webinars that add value to the Chapter members, alumni network, and prospective Marie Curie applicants;
  • To attract, support and facilitate the exchange of knowledge among the MC fellows and alumni for their personal and professional growth;
  • To sponsor and support activities that will enhance the image of MCAA in the region.


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Membership of the Chapter is free

But we hope you will contribute your energy and enthusiasm to support our activities


Latest Events

"Get that PhD!" panel discussion with the Marie Curie Alumni / Панельная дискуссия "Get that PhD!" с выпускниками программы Марии Кюри в Центральной Азии.


Marie Curie Fellowships - Boost your Career webinar


MCAA:Central Asia - Welcome event


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