Annual Conference Associazione Donne&Scienza - 20-21 September

by Aurelia Chaise

Where and when? The Annual Conference Associazione Donne&Scienza -will take place from 20 to 21 September 2018 in Pisa, Italy.

Topic. It will deal with Gender-based violence.

Context. This phenomenon is widespread in every place, every culture, every geographical area, and every social class. The scientific and academic fields are not exempt from this phenomenon, and indeed, violence, marginalisation, discrimination and other forms of abuses against women are as frequent as elsewhere. A particular aspect of this violence is sexual harassment, which includes attitudes put in place in individual terms, suffered specifically by individuals, and operated by individuals or groups. These may be physical, moral, or social, although in the vast majority of cases these are attitudes, words, or actions done predominantly by single men on single women (single in the sense, unfortunately, of one at a time), and who are individually endured.

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