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If you want to increase the social impact of your research, keep reading! You may consider joining the Native Scientist Network


What is it? Native Scientist is a network of international scientists created to tackle educational disadvantage through science outreach. Founded in London in 2013, the organisation is an award-winning non-profit organisation.


What is the purpose? Native scientists bring together scientists and migrant pupils to promote science and language integrated learning. The aim is to inspire pupils and to encourage them in considering education and careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).


What is the role of MCAA? MCAA and Native Scientists have decided to join forces in a partnership to promote science communication and outreach. “We are proud to partner together to enlarge the audience of our messages and inspire more people” said enthusiastically Matthew DiFranco and Valentina Ferro, MCAA Chair and Vice-chair.


How can you get involved? If you’re working or studying in a STEM field and if you speak at least two languages, join the adventure!


MCAA wants you to contribute to a future where everyone can reach their full potential!


Learn more about Native scientist and get involved