Boost your research career with EURAXESS

by Aurelia Chaise

EURAXESS is a European Commission initiative, backed by 40 European countries, that facilitates access to the open labour market for researchers and removes barriers to mobility while enhancing scientific collaboration between Europe and the world.

As one of the largest networks globally that helps researchers find work, develop their careers and prepare for the move to another country alone or with their families, it involves over 1 500 people working in more than 550 support centres in Europe.

These welcome researchers and help them integrate in the culture of the host country, accompany them throughout their career path and point them toward sectors and disciplines where their talents can be best employed. Over 40 national portals with country-specific information about living and working as a researcher in the respective destinations provide the EURAXESS network with a strong online presence.

EURAXESS Worldwide, the international arm of the network, is present in 8 locations around the world that cover 16 countries and bring scientists with a European background in contact with nationals originating from the countries they are based in and now work in Europe to help them connect or stay connected with their home base.

In my case, for example, I represent EURAXESS in Brazil and other Latin American and Caribbean countries (LAC).


Working with alumni

Part of our task is to promote EU funding such as MSCA and the opportunities offered by the European Research Council (ERC).

To do so, there is nothing more efficient than inviting former and current fellows to share their experience and tips with their peers. A speech by a local researcher who secured an EU grant is always more inspiring than a formal talk on MSCA complexities!

Together with my EURAXESS Worldwide colleagues, we consider you of the EU programme, and additionally of the European Research Area.

In some locations, Worldwide representatives have even provided support so that MSCA alumni can create a local chapter of the association and explore regional synergies.

Such activities have earned us, as EURAXESS Worldwide representatives, Honorary MCAA Membership in 2018.

Our collaboration is not only about disseminating funding opportunities. With MSCA, the European Commission brought innovations into researchers' training and career development. Thanks to our good connections with local stakeholders, EURAXESS Worldwide strives to introduce innovative methods or ideas to science ministries and local funding agencies. As MSCA fellows, you are best positioned to advocate in favour of the benefits of doctoral training in Europe or closer and more extensive cooperation between academia and industry, just to name a few. In this context, our role is to connect the dots and create opportunities for the discussion to arise.


EURAXESS supports your next career move

But EURAXESS has a lot more to offer you.

1. The EURAXESS Jobs database is the perfect tool if you are either looking for or offering:

  • a job position related to research
  • a grant
  • hosting offers from organisations seeking to attract international talents (see how to publish offers for free here).  

=> Did you know that all PhD and post-doc positions funded by MSCA are advertised on EURAXESS Jobs? 

As individual researchers you can also publish your CVs and receive online notifications when a position matching your profile is published.

2. Are you considering leaving academia to work for industry? Or launching your own start-up? Test your skills, get trained and optimise your career path with the help of EURAXESS Career Development resources or personalised assistance from EURAXESS Career Development centres.  

3. Did you find the job of your dreams in a new European country? Don't panic, there is always a EURAXESS support centre near you to provide information and assistance! Feel free to ask for help by email or phone and they will assist you to turn your relocation into a smooth and positive experience. You'll certainly save time, energy and money asking for their free-of-charge support.

4. Finally if you want to increase your international collaboration, use the EURAXESS Partnering tool and look for:

  • partners to join a consortium and apply for EU funding,
  • researchers for recruitment panels,
  • or even entrepreneurs to launch your start-up.

Remember that EURAXESS is also a networking instrument, hence we strongly encourage you to express your interest in collaborating with other registered EURAXESS users.

=> To use all these functionalities, register FOR FREE on the EURAXESS Portal:  

And do not hesitate to contact your EURAXESS Worldwide representatives in ASEAN (focus on Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam), Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC, focus on Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Colombia), China, India, Japan and South Korea, North America (US and Canada).


Charlotte Grawitz, EURAXESS representative in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), and the board members will never ask you passwords or other sensitive data. Also you will never receive strange links from them. Please always check the email sender and be careful what URLS you visit.