Call for experts: Ethics in the workplace

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The Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) is building a list of its members who are experts in workplace environment ethics. Experts on this list can be contacted for activities and projects of the Association that require guidance on ethics and integrity issues, and invited to become a member of the MCAA Ethics Committee.

We at the MCAA emphasise and demand ethical behaviour among our members and within our organisation. We commit to complying with ethics and integrity principles in all of our activities and projects. You can read the MCAA Code of Conduct to learn more about our ethics guidelines and commitments.

Currently, we’re looking for individuals in our community who specialise in workplace ethics to continue enforcing our efforts on this front. To this end, we are developing a list of experts on the topic, who can be contacted to provide us with support and guidance in ethics and to potentially form part of the MCAA Ethics Committee in the future.

Forming part of the expert list and/or the MCAA Ethics Committee is voluntary and not a paid position. However, some expenses related to the positions may be covered on a case-by-case basis, such as travel to necessary in-person meetings.

Who can apply for the expert list?

People added to the expert list need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • MCAA membership
  • Previous experience in similar bodies related to ethics in the workplace.
  • Proven expertise, such as research or publications, on ethics and ethical breaches in the workplace (harassment, discrimination, abuse of power, mobbing, etc.).

What is the MCAA Ethics Committee?

The MCAA Ethics Committee oversees the Association's ethics and integrity issues, guides members toward ethical behaviour, and reviews ethically questionable actions. The Committee's mandate is approximately two years.

The main task of the MCAA Ethics Committee is to manage the MCAA Whistleblowing Channel, which is a secure and safe space for members to report unethical issues they have experienced or observed within the MCAA and third parties like universities, research centres, funding bodies, and private companies.

Please note that this is a call to create a list of experts, not a specific call for the MCAA Ethics Committee. However, the MCAA Board might select people from the expert list for the Ethics Committee in the future.

How can I apply for the expert list?

To express your interest in being included on the expert list, please complete this form by 30.05.2024. In your application, please attach a full CV and a short cover letter highlighting the main features that make you a suitable candidate. 

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