Global Women Invention & Innovation Network: call for awards

by Aurelia Chaise

What is it? The Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GWIIN) is an independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to assisting and advancing women with bright inventions and innovations so that they can achieve success in the global marketplace.

The forthcoming Global Women Invention & Innovation Network is to be staged in London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom following Belgium, Germany, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Italy on 27-28 June 2019.

GWIIN is looking for creative, inventive, innovative, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, technologists and designers women to showcase their talents.


  • Lone Inventor;
  • Lone Innovator;
  • 3Exceptional Creative Women with  item, concept or service;
  • Exceptional Creative, Inventive, or Innovative Women In Micro-enterprise or New start up business with no more than 10 employees;
  • Exceptionally Creative, Inventive, or Innovative Women In Small business with more than 10 to 49  employees;
  • Exceptional Creative, Inventive, or Innovative Women In Medium sized Industry with more than 50 – 250 employees;
  • Exceptional Creative, Inventive, or Innovative Women In Large Industry with more than 250 employees;
  • Innovative Capacity Building Initiatives or Projects;
  • Exceptional Creative Women/ Inventors/Innovators In Higher Education & Learning Institutions;
  • Women in Product Design and Development;
  • Inventive or innovative team (the woman needs to have made a significant contribution to be recognised and all members of the team must agree to the nomination);
  • Chairman’s Discretionary Award13. Lifetime Achievement Award.


  • Arts & Crafts;
  • Automobile;
  • Design;
  • Education;
  • Food;
  • Health;
  • Information Technology, Electronics or Communication (ICT);
  • Mother & Child Items;
  • Personal Care & Beauty;
  • Recycled and Environmentally friendly products;
  • Science / Technology / Engineering;
  • Special Section for Posthumous Awards;
  • Textile & Fashion.

Interested? Send your application to

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