Join ESOF 2020: Travel Grants are open!

by Aurelia Chaise

If you are a PhD candidate, a postdoc or a young researcher, keep reading! Travel grants are now open to attend Europe’s largest biennial general science meeting.

Thousands of scientists, leading thinkers, innovators, policymakers, journalists and educators from more than 90 countries will be heading to Trieste, Italy in July 2020 for the 9th edition of the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF).

Organised every two years, this pan-European event aims to deliver stimulating content and lively debate around the latest advancements and discoveries in the sciences, humanities and social sciences.  

The motto for ESOF 2020 is “Freedom for Science, Science for Freedom”. The meaning is explained by ESOF champion Stefano Fantoni, an award-winning physicist and nuclear astrophysicist. “We want a science which is free from any prejudice,” he says on a video posted on twitter (watch it here @ESOF_eu).

“A common language for everybody driven only by curiosity,” he adds. “And we want to be inclusive with all the people who love science and culture. That is mainly from people coming from Eastern Europe, which is one of our missions… But it is for everybody. That is actually what we want to have in July 2020 in Trieste.”

ESOF 2020 will take place from 5 to 9 July.

The event’s Scientific Programme is what sets it apart from other scientific conference. ESOF 2020 will be a multidisciplinary and complemented by three other programmes: the Career Programme (geared specifically towards young European researchers), the Science to Business Programme (addresses in particular business people and potential entrepreneurs) and the Science in the City Programme, which hosts events within the city in order to bring scientific culture to the general public.

For young aspiring researchers, including PhD candidates and master students, ESOF is an excellent opportunity to get immersed in Europe’s largest general science conference, learn about new discoveries in a large number of fields, meet Nobel laureates and young researchers across disciplines.

The following travel grants are available:

  1. For young researchers based in Luxembourg (deadline to apply: 28 October)
  2. For young researchers based in Sweden: Swedish Research Council (deadline to apply: 31 October)
  3. For Postdocs in Physics: Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Stiftung (deadline to apply: 18 November)
  4. For PhDs and Postdocs: University of Zürich (deadline to apply: 30 November)

More information about the travel grants

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