The MCAA Chair attended the Bridging Business and Research Event

by Aurelia Chaise

The new MCAA Chair, Brian Cahill, attended the MSCA- Bridging Business and Research Event which took place on 18 March. If you’re wondering what happened, read below his report.

The German National Contact Point ran the event through moderation by Alexandra Pohl and the participation of Astrid Schwarzenberger.

Christopher Gosau of the German Chamber of Commerce presented the impending skills shortage that is threatening German industry: companies should participate in the MSCA to attract and train new talent. Bodo Richter of the Commission presented the ways that companies can participate in the MSCA. Astrid Schwarzenberger of the German NCP described how the NCP can help companies to take part in the MSCA. Elke Guenther presented how to prepare a MSCA proposal from the point of view of an experienced reviewe

The lunch break afforded the opportunity to make contact with Bodo Richter and MCAA members Rogerio Salloum of the Fraunhofer LBF Institute in Darmstadt, Joohwa Sarah Lee from Audi, and Maria Frantzi of Mosaiques Diagnostics. Mosaiques Diagnostics is a biotech startup specialising in urine testing with extensive involvement in Innovative Training Networks.

The final session was dominated by role model talks from representatives of various types of enterprises who have participated in the MSCA. Representatives from large companies (Airbus), SMEs (HeidelbergCement), a start-up (Mosaiques Diagnostics) and a research institute (Geomar) reported their experiences of MSCA. It is clear that companies are particularly serious about hiring good researchers through MSCA.

Joerg Scherer described how the IPR Helpdesk offers training by free webinars and other seminars and can be approached to establish best practice with regard to IP issues. Brian Cahill also discussed with Mr. Scherer the possibilities for him to participate in future MCAA events.

Dr. Khaled Snouber described how the Enterprise Europe Network can help companies wishing to take part in MSCA from the point of view of Enterprise Europe Network in Hessen.

In addition, Brian Cahill met the Vice-Chair Dr. Marco Masia at Frankfurt Main Station for informal discussions related to the organisation of the German Chapter’s Career Seminar that will take place on May 2nd.



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