Message from the MCAA Board - Support for the Ukrainian citizens

by Aurelia Chaise

The MCAA wants to express its sorrow and support for the Ukrainian citizens. We condemn war and violence. Our association has been, and will continue to be, a multicultural symbol of union, inclusion and peace, to support the advancement of society through education and research.

So far, MCAA is taking the following steps to support the members, researchers and citizen of Ukraine:

Fundraising campaign

  • MCAA launched a fundraising campaign to collect funds that will be entirely developed to help the Ukrainian people. For every dontation received, MCAA will add 10% more from MCAA own funds. 

Public statements

Providing a platform for members to freely express their support

Providing a platform for peer-to-peer support and share of verified sources of information

  • MCAA Ukrainian members support group: (an invitation to join has been sent to all members that are either from the following nationalities or based in the following countries: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary)

Collaborations with partners and links to disseminate

We welcome anyone with a meaningful initiative in mind to please get in touch!

Best Regards,

MCAA Board



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