MOBILITY SUMMIT 2019 - but not the Marie Curie Actions type, .. just the last mile

by michael rogers


A well-functioning mobility system is essential for the economic health of the EU and the prosperity of its businesses and citizens. Being able to move goods and people across the EU is crucial for the success of the internal market. The challenges for EU mobility policy involve linking up different forms of transport ranging from air to rail, road and waterways. At the same time, the EU needs to make progress in decarbonizing transport so that it makes its contribution to tackling climate change while improving the quality of life in cities.

In this transition year, POLITICO brings its third annual Connected Mobility Summit to Amsterdam, the mobility lab of Europe. From self-driving buses to autonomous boats, the city is very enthusiastic about mobility technology.

Join us on October 8 in the Dutch capital and meet policymakers, regulators, disruptors and experts, cross-cutting sectors including mobility, energy and technology for a day of dynamic and interactive programming with interview, panel discussions and breakout sessions. POLITICO’s journalists will address the following questions:

  • How mobilityconnectivity and sustainability interact with each other?
  • Does Europe have the right mobility framework in place to meet the Paris goals?
  • Is European industry able to compete in energy technology with the U.S. and China?
  • How can manufacturers and recyclers deal with worn out batteries?
  • How can consumers afford the costs of the mobility of tomorrow?
  • What needs to be done to integrate bicyclesurban transportrailwaysairports and cars


it is partnered by the Europcar Mobility Group, a major player in mobility markets and listed on Euronext Paris. The mission of Europcar Mobility Group is to be the preferred “Mobility Service Company” by offering alternative attractive solutions to vehicle ownership, with a wide range of mobility-related services: vehicle-rental, chauffeur services, car-sharing, scooter-sharing and peer-to-peer car-rental. Customers’ satisfaction is at the heart of the Group’s mission and all of its employees and this commitment fuels the continuous development of new services. Europcar Mobility Group operates through multi brands meeting every customer specific needs; its 4 major brands being: Europcar® – the European leader in vehicle rental services, Goldcar® – the most important low-cost car-rental company in Europe, InterRent® – ‘mid-tier’ brand focused on leisure and Ubeeqo® – one of the European leaders in car-sharing (BtoB, BtoC). Europcar Mobility Group delivers its mobility solutions worldwide solutions through an extensive network in 135 countries (including 16 wholly owned subsidiaries in Europe, 2 in Australia and New Zealand, franchises and partners).

All this kicks off on October 8th, 2019 in Amsterdam, plenty of time to register but thinking about the challenges starts today

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