NGI Explorers – Second open call is now open (NEW DEADLINE)

by Aurelia Chaise

Are you a European Internet researcher willing to boost your career? Become an ‘Explorer’ and start your pioneering research in the US!


Bringing a human dimension to the internet is an idea cherished by the European institutions. In this scope, Next Generation Internet (NGI) proposes new functionalities to support people’s needs and to address global sustainability challenges.


About NGI Explorers

NGI Explorers is a Fellowship programme funded by the European Commission’s research programme Horizon 2020, which aims to sponsor immersive missions to the United States for European internet researchers and innovators.

Thanks to NGI Explorers, researchers will have the possibility:

  • to work directly with a partner based in the US for up to six months, being integrated within his or her team;
  • to receive up to 100% financial support with EU grants;
  • to receive guidance from a mentor who will provide direct support throughout the expedition.


How to apply

To apply for the second call, researchers may choose between three application options:

  1. Proposing an idea based on the researcher’s field of study, product or service: the programme will select the ideas with the biggest potential
  2. Applying to one of the challenges of the US nodes: the Next Generation Internet offers new functionalities to support people’s needs and to address global sustainability challenges.
  3. Submitting a proposal with a US partner, in a paired-team: the researcher must ensure that the proposal is related to one or several focus areas of the Next Generation Internet.

Researchers who opt for the third option also need to ensure their proposal corresponds to the following areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Blockchain;
  • Big Data;
  • Internet of things;
  • 5G;
  • Cyber-security;
  • Cloud/Edge computing;
  • Interactive Technology;
  • Future Hyper-connectivity;
  • Human-centric Internet.


Submit your application by 21 April 2020, 12:00 CET.

Send your application here.

Any questions? Contact the NGI Explorers team at

More information about NGI Explorers


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