Open Access and Open Scholarship have revolutionized the way scholarly artefacts are evaluated and published - OPENUP

by michael rogers

Open Access and Open Scholarship have revolutionized the way scholarly artefacts are evaluated and published, while the introduction of new technologies and media in scientific workflows has changed the “how and to whom” science is communicated, and how stakeholders interact with the scientific community.

OpenUP, a major H2020 initiative under the Science in Society area, addresses key aspects and challenges of the currently transforming science landscape and aspires to come up with a cohesive framework for the review-disseminate-assess phases of the research life cycle that is fit to support and promote Open Science.

They are holding their final conference in Brussels yesterday and today.

This is an increasingly Important area; especially for SMEs and academia, where the exploitation of IP can also be seen as a revenue stream, or essential to protect vital process or content information for industrial use. Equally; smaller entities need easy access tools and platforms for the execution of OA and OS processes.

Through analysis, consultation, hands-on engagement with researchers, publishers, institutions and funders, industry and citizens, OpenUP have a) defined a framework that defines roles and processes, benefits and opportunities, b) validated the proposed mechanisms through a series of pilots involving researchers from four scientific communities (Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Energy), and c) come up with practical policy recommendations and guidelines to be used by EU, national and institutional policymakers at different settings. OpenUP will engage with all stakeholders via the creation of an Open Information Hub, a collaborative web based Knowledge Base that will host a catalogue of open tools/services, methodologies, best practices from various disciplines or settings, success stories, reports. This increased level of engagement and knowledge will feed into the development of research and innovation policies that aim to support and complement Open Science.

OpenUP Hub is an open, dynamic and collaborative knowledge environment that systematically captures, organizes and categorizes information relevant to the review-dissemination-assessment phases of the research lifecycle through the prism of Open Science. Join it at .

On top of the tools and developments; a number of pilots were undertaken to see the issues in various domains. They were

< >Pilot Study No 2: Open Peer Review for Research DataPilot Study No 3: A data journal for the Arts and HumanitiesPilot Study No 4: Transferring the research life cycle to the webPilot Study No 5: Addressing & reaching businesses and the public with research outputPilot Study No 6: Reflexivity of metrics on medical research & dissemination practicesPilot Study No 7: Piratical distribution as one form of impact indicator & reaching unexpected audiences

And maybe useful for readers in their own context.


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