Sharing mobility tales

by Aurelia Chaise

Save the date! The MSCA online presidency conference will take place from 15 to 16 November. It will focus on return mobility and the reintegration processes of MSCA researchers, after the completion of their scholarships. Find out how your story can contribute to address the challenges of this very special period in the life of an MSCA fellow.

This year, the MSCA will celebrate their 25th anniversary within the framework of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU 2021. In this scope, the MSCA presidency conference will shed a light on the new European Research Area (ERA), and on the mobility of researchers, as well as on the flow of knowledge.

Focusing on the importance of return mobility and reintegration processes to foster balanced mobility flows of MSCA researchers, the conference will be an opportunity to showcase examples of good practices, instruments, and policies to promote the return migration and reintegration of MSCA fellows.

Eventually, participants will be expected to make recommendations for the implementation of MSCA return migration and reintegration instruments and policies.

Share your story

Moving to a new country, adapting to new working conditions and returning to your country of origin with new skills. Does this story sound familiar to you? Past and present MSCA fellows, as well as stakeholders, are invited to share their personal stories on mobility experiences.

Your testimonial should address the following questions:

  • Why did you decide to apply for the MSCA fellowship?
  • How is/was your experience abroad and what differences did you notice compared to your home country (working conditions, salary, research infrastructure, etc.)?
  • Are you planning to go back to your home country after your fellowship? Did you return after your fellowship?
  • What would/did convince you to come back and work in your home country?
  • What would you recommend to foster balanced mobility flows in Europe?


Write your story (it shouldn’t be more than 1 000 words and can contain graphs or pictures), include a one-minute video in English in which you briefly share your personal (or institutional) story and address the topic of the Conference (unbalanced mobility flows and reintegration), as well as a CV.

Send your application by 5 November 2021 to

Don’t miss this opportunity to take part to in-depth discussions on mobility flows and the reintegration of researchers!

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