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Consultation on the European Research Area (ERA) Framework

The Heads of State and Government of the European Union have called to address remaining gaps for the achievement of the European Research Area rapidly in order to complete the ERA by 2014 to create a genuine single market for knowledge, research, and innovation. The consultation aims to reinforce the Commission analysis of the key issues to be addressed as well as to gather views on their importance: researchers' careers and mobility, research infrastructures, cross-border operation of research actors, knowledge circulation, International cooperation, and cross-cutting governance issues.


This public consultation aims at gathering views and evidence from stakeholders on the key obstacles which have to be tackled to achieve a well-functioning ERA. Completing ERA will require the support and effort of all EU Member States and Associated Countries and their stakeholders (e.g. research performing organisations including universities, funding organisations, researchers, private sector and civil society).


The outcome of the consultation will help the Commission to decide on those issues, which should be addressed as priorities when preparing by 2012 the ERA Framework, which will set out the focused and effective measures to be taken to realize ERA.


The consultation will be open until the 30 November 2011.

More information: http://ec.europa.eu/research/consultations/era/consultation_en.htm#