Today is European Equal Pay Day

by michael rogers

Today is European Equal Pay Day.
Women in the EU still earn on average 16% less than men, that is only a slight improvement from last year's 16.2%. Spread out over a year, this would be equivalent to women working two months for free compared to men.
Knowledge is power. With more transparency on pay, one can more easily detect pay discrimination and empower employees and customers to draw their own conclusions and take action.
Combined with solutions like equal distribution of caring responsibilities between women and men – enabled by the new EU directive on parental and carers' leave – one can tackle the gender pay gap. #Equality #EuropeanUnion #EqualPayDay.
The MSCA actions do not discrimnate between the genders. The funding is identical. If you know of any discrepancies in your organisation along gender lines where such funding is involved, raise the alarm !!!! and the board members will never ask you passwords or other sensitive data. Also you will never receive strange links from them. Please always check the email sender and be careful what URLS you visit.