Widening International R&D : Horizon Europe and the world

by michael rogers

Around the world, cross-border research and development (R&D) deals are on the rise, both in public and private systems. International co-publications, global budgets, industry/university/public partnerships – all have soared in the past decade. Europe, with its Horizon research and innovation (R&I) programmes, is a leader in this trend, but the US, Canada, China, Japan and other big spenders are also on the hunt for ambitious ideas and partners. Important questions are also being raised about the future role of R&D in the UN SDGs, climate change and other international development ambitions.

Against this backdrop, are we entering a new era of global cooperation, a Republic of Science & Technology? This Science|Business Network conference will be an international meeting place to discuss the emerging opportunity landscape, and how this can best be harnessed across sectors and regions through breakthrough science, technologies and policy frameworks.

Tomorrow, 5th Feb, about 30 global R&D and Innovation leaders are converging on Brussels to discuss the future of cooperative, collaborative R&D and Innovation in the run up to the preparation of the  new Horizon Europe Prgramme due to start in 2021, with a requested budget of 100 Billion Euro.

All this is in the context of  "The Annual Science|Business Framework conference" series. Look out for the conclusions to hit the airwaves soon afterwards. Don't forget that the MSCA are the most internationally widespread action in the current programme, and don't forget to share your experience with your decision makers in your country.

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