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MANNA is the European Joint Doctorate in Molecular Animal Nutrition designed to establish an EU network whose mission is to provide a Double Doctorate level training programme, valid throughout all Europe, on innovative technologies applied to animal science and nutrition.

FP7 Marie Curie Award Certificate

Have you completed a research period within one of the FP7 MarieCurie Actions? If so, keep reading!

To request the certificate, a form must be completed by the project contact person. The information will be checked automatically against the information in the REA database.

I benefited from a Marie Curie Action – Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways in the spotlight (IAPP)

Javier Calles (from Argentina), Geoffrey Gregson (from UK-Canada) and Ruttachuk Rungsiwiwut (from Thailand) benefited from Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways. They told us what makes this grant different from others, and gave their reactions to whether the opportunity has boosted their industry-academia credentials.

During my Marie Curie project, my host country was…the United Kingdom

Daniel Powell is originally from the United States, but spent a few years in Canada before moving to the United Kingdom to work on his Marie Curie project. If you could be interested in following in his footsteps, take a look at his impressions and advice, especially if you come from the USA!

Daniel Powell

I benefited from a Marie Curie Action: International Outgoing Fellowship in the spotlight

Loraine Bacchus (from the United Kingdom), Marcin Smietana (from Poland) and Elvan Ceyhan (from Turkey) benefited from International Outgoing Fellowships for Career Development (IOF). What did they learn from this experience?

Lorraine Bacchus

Marcin Smietana

During my Marie Curie Project, my host country was... France


Fidel Costa (from Spain), Keisuke Hatada (from Japan), Sarah Magalhães (from Portugal) and Arianna Picciali (from Italy) worked on their Marie Curie Project in France… some very much enjoyed their stay, whereas others faced unexpected difficulties while there. If you’re thinking of working in Voltaire’s country, get some tips here!

Fidel Costa

Great archaeological discoveries are not always the result of excavation: the Appian Way project

A temple originally excavated in the 1970s and then forgotten has been rediscovered thanks to one Marie Curie researcher’s work in the Italian State archives. Rachele Dubbini tells us more about this exceptional archaeological discovery.


I benefited from a Marie Curie Action - Co-funding of Regional, National, and International Programmes (COFUND) in the spotlight

The Co-funding of Regional, National, and International Programmes (COFUND) is considered the most well-known Marie Curie Actions, according the Fellows who contributed to this article.