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Dear all, I am looking for your help. You probably agree with me that climate change is a highly relevant and critical topic. I have been thinking about this issue a lot, especially in respect to how academics and researchers like us contribute to it. I recently calculated the carbon footprint that I have accumulated in the past 12 months just from flying to conferences, training events, etc., and it was tremendous. Hence I have been wondering whether there are better ways for academics to connect with others and disseminate their results, instead of flying to international conferences. This way we could reduce our impact on global warming and would not undermine other great climate change projects that are funded by the EU. I came up with the following idea and I hope MCAA can support me with this: I would like to build an international online platform for researchers, called TwinLabs. Researchers can sign up with their email address and state their research interest and location. Researchers with similar interests will be able to connect with each other across the globe. Through the platform they can collaborate, present for each other at local conference in order to avoid flying and inform each other about the conference through webinars, etc. A platform like this would certainly need the support from larger bodies, so that people become aware of it and sign up. As a first step though I would need someone who is able to setup a platform like this, so if anyone is a website developer or something, that would be really helpful. Please get in touch if you would like to join or support this. All the best, Bettina