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A Boost for your Summer Writing

Workshop on Writing as Embodied Practice, with Dr Catelijne Coopmans

Monday 15 June 2020 from 3.30pm-5pm UK time.

This workshop is aimed at helping you cultivate mental space for your writing in this season of the year - a year in which your work may have been affected in small and big ways by COVID-19 and what it's brought in its wake.

The approach is to treat writing as an embodied practice. Most of us don’t think about writing as involving our bodies, beyond ergonomic desk arrangements and reminders to get up and walk or stretch. But the way we habitually approach and feel about our writing is practised in and through the body. Because of this we can influence our writing - and access power and energy for it - through changing (or varying) how we carry ourselves, and how we move.

If you are looking for a self-compassionate and individually-tuned way to work around distractedness, tiredness or low motivation, or just want a new impulse for what you're working on, this movement-based exploration will help you uncover new possibilities that you can implement in your work right away.

This 90-minutes Zoom workshop is practice-oriented and invites your active participation: there will be some time for talking and sharing, but most of it will consist of moving in different ways (non-athletically) and exploring what this can offer your writing. You'll be at choice throughout about the nature and extent of your engagement, whether you have your camera on or off, etc. There will be at least 15 minutes to work on your own writing; for this you can bring any article, chapter, proposal, review, etc. you'd like to make some progress with.

This workshop date/time is reserved exclusively for MCAA-UK members. The maximum number of participants is 16. (Note: the workshop is for writing in general, not grant writing in particular.)

Register here to reserve your spot.

About the facilitator: Dr Catelijne Coopmans is a certified coach and facilitator who helps academics of all stripes build empowered relationships with institutional academia. Her methods are grounded in self-determination theory, mindfulness and body-awareness / working with the body for self-development. Previously a full-time academic for more than 15 years, she's now a part-time Research Fellow at Linköping University, Sweden, and remains active in research, writing and editing in the field of Science & Technology Studies. She lives in Girona, Spain.