Information on upcoming BSB Webinar: Job-satisfaction after research


Dear all, a second webinar organized by BSB is planned for mid february:

We would like to invite you to participate to the next BSB webinar on the 15th of February at 14:00 h CET with the title:

Job-satisfaction after research

Webinar: The speaker, Eva Ratti, is a PhD in Astrophysics who became the founder of a Job Agency for researchers. Combining her own experience with theoretical elements and with the stories of other PhDs who moved outside Academia, she will give some insight about what affects motivation and job satisfaction, focusing on the research-to-business transition.

Speaker: Born in Milan in 1983 and graduated in Physics from the University of Milan-Bicocca, Eva obtained her PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Amsterdam in 2013. Alongside Gualtiero Cortellini, Eva is Co-Founder of Find Your Doctor, the first employment agency in Italy specialised in the placement of researchers outside the Academia. The initiative, with a non-profit approach, started in 2014 and became an innovative start-up and a formally recognised job agency in 2017, combining recruitment with advanced scientific consultancy for companies and organisations. This original model favours an easier access to researchers for companies of any size and promotes a better understanding of their background and skills. Eva is involved in the strategic development of the start-up, designing and testing new services and projects, but also works as an Innovation Manager to assess clients' requirements and recruit the necessary expertise. She is also a trainer in workshops and seminars for PhD students about their professional perspectives.

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