Interested in Immanuel Kant? Have a look at the scientific results reached within the MSCA RISE "Kant in South America"


The project I am honored to run as PI, "Kant in South America", has completed its first (2 year) period.  Have a look at our website - - to have a sense of our activities and of our scientific results. This is what the project is about:

A consortium of 4 EU Universities and 4 South American (SA) academic institutions critically analyze the development of Kant scholarship in South America over the last 15 years, following the boom in Kant studies and the exponential increase of its quality in that continent over that period. Top SA Kant scholars are enrolled in the project, which promises to greatly enlarge the competence of EU colleagues and in turn profit from their feedback. Early stage researchers from both ends also take part in the exchange. The consortium builds on a web of established relations between most of the participants, at both the personal and institutional level.

Let me wish all MCAA members a productive 2020.

Luigi Caranti

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